Simply About Me

I have a real interest in technology and I'm fanatical about Apple. 

After owning an iPod video, I was hooked on their beauty, function and ease of use.
Then came along the iPhone 3G, to which I was the first in-line outside the O2 store on the day of launch. I am so passionate about apple, that now my Sister, my Mum and my Wife all own iPhones too. To my Sister, I am know as "tech support", usually the phone rings and she says, "I have fallen out with iTunes, big time..."

When iPhone 4 was launched, I eagerly attended my local Apple store, so I could be one of the first to see it and worship its beauty. Most days I look through a stack of Applecentic websites and blogs to find out what's new and coming next, as well as picking up tips to really maximise my digital life.

This year I saw the launch of iPhone 5, I walked straight to the front of the Que, as I was after a new contract. Happy to say managed to get my hands on an iPhone 5, on launch day. Its becoming a hard habit to break!

This is the next step, my own blog. I wanted to share news, tips and apps with all those fellow crazy ones.

I am SimplyApple.

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