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Voicefeed - Free

This one I can't take the credit, that goes to Kate on BBC Click. When you can't take a call Voicefeed
will, nothing amazing there. But if I told you for each friend, family member or business contact that call you can greet them with a personal message. So now you can answer every call, and those who call get your personal touch.

Still keep you visual voicemail and it won't cost you extra. If you need to update a greeting on the go, text your update and a human sounding voice do it for you. There is of course a premium version.

In iTunes search "Voicefeed"

QUICK POST: Barclays App

Just discovered the Barclays mobile banking app. Previously I was quite impressed with the Barclays Pingit app, where you can send monies via smartphone to friends family or pay bills. It's been a while coming as most other banks already have an app.

I always wanted a proper banking app from Barclays, the main reason was an accurate and up to date balance. Getting texts with updates is ok, but these are always out of date. It's the same with most ATM's too.

So this for me was the main advantage. Before this app a more often than not used Pingit to obtain an accurate balance. Now this new app has my current up to date balance. In addition to the last few days transactions, which can be nearly and quickly displayed by outgoings only, income only or both along with a tab for regular payments

Security with any app that handless personal information is always a worry, never mind banking information. In setting up the app, Barclays seem to have put security as a high priority. A message is sent from Barclays to verify the mobile your using and if you have one of their banking chip and pin calculator checker thingies, you'll also need that to verify things. Going forward I am using a 5 digit passcode to log in.

For a banking app it's well laid out and displays our money info clearly. Tabs for payments and transfers are self explanatory. In addition there is allocation tab to find the nearest branded ATM or branch as well as a more tap with sections like FAQ and contact info amongst other things.

On the whole it's a well thought out little app, possibly a bit buggy with the log in, typed the correct pin and didn't like it a few times. Otherwise a long over due addition to the Barclays fold. I would have liked to have seen, notifications, customisable ones where you could set specific alerts for monies going in or going out. Like a advanced version of the text alerts already offered but fully personalised, texts are so 1980's! It's a popular app to with 1458 comments on the app store and an overall 4 star rating. 

Could this mean then end of queuing in your local branch in your dinner hour, to see if that big bill has been paid?

Waze - FREE

Launched in 2009, Waze is a user generated navigation app using turn by turn spoken word to guide you with a social twist. When it first became available in the UK you could earn points for mapping motorways, then A roads to improve your standings. Wazers, share info about traffic conditions to help improve the journey times of others. Users can message you if you allow, to alert you to cameras, potholes or traffic. The more you use it the higher your standing and the more achievements you gain. From a safety point of view it's not great to be fiddling while driving, so most features can be locked out or select passenger mode for full fun features. 

Waze App

Recently it appears Wazers and their crowd sourced data is being utilised by Apple for shall we call it "traffic improvements." Waze amongst others is credited, in Apples legal small print for the new native Maps app to be released soon. 

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