Saturday, 1 September 2012

The diary of a 2012 Summer Camper day 1

An event over 3 days, not whole days, around 1-1.5 hours each.

My son and I are enthusiastically greeted by Apple staff and make to feel welcome and part of the store. We wait in anticipation of what might be in store on a bar style stool around a
fetzer apple store table. This displays the current MacBook Air, at the end of the table a large cinema display. Once everyone arrives, (around 7 children and their parents who need to chaperone and encourage their offspring throughout) we quickly each sign a waver and we start.

The children are given their own Apple style custom land yard and asked to print their name on it, before introducing themselves and telling the group what their favourite film is. In lovely touch each camper is given thier own highly prized Apple T-shirt. Sadly I was told they didn't have a grown up version! And my son informs me, that the T-shirt is his and I have no chance, oh well.

My Son's Apple T
Together we are all going to storyboard, shoot, edit, create a sound track and finally present our films in a showcase film festival on the final day.
Our first task, possibly the hardest is to come up with an idea for our film and storyboard it. Essentially sketching a little picture of each of the films 6 scenes on a sheet of A4, along with naming our Hollywood project.
Today we are introduced to the new iPad and GarageBand. Our presenter, obviously passionate about his music is informative and fun in his approach. Allowing the group time to play and providing roving help where needed so no one is left to struggle. Each camper is given a fresh set of Apple headphones, I think to save the ears of other shoppers. Again this is a lovely approach and ensures no one is embarrassed to make noise while composing, and everyone can get to grips with the technology.

My son wanted a mission impossible style theme to his vision, instead of saying this is not possible our presenter used another iPad to quickly find a YouTube clip and roughly demonstrated enough that my wife could lay down the beats, I believe that's the term. Day one complete, the soundtrack is set. The rest of the day at home we spend creating scenery, shooting and finalising our shots ready for day 2.

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