Thursday, 8 November 2012

Boots Christmas App

Today The Boots Christmas App was released on the Apple App Store. It's a free download that aims to make giving gifts more fun.
Home Screen

You can search Boots Christmas offerings through the app. All the great Christmas 3 for 2 gifts are there. There's various ways to find that perfect present.

Gift ideas for those of us, who are stuck for inspiration this section is great. Tap the "gift ideas bauble" and your presented with 3 rows of gift tags Who's if for? for example man's man or party queen. Next what are they into? For example, gadgets or bath & body. Don't worry if you don't know what Uncle Dave is in to, maybe that's best. Next, what's the budget? Once you have chosen, lets get some ideas. Magically a selection of inspiration appears. You needn't select all of the options, it's intelligent enough to give you good results, although you can't aren't able to shop on just price. Come on she deserves a little more thought than that!

Search & browse another way to become the greatest gifter. Simply take what she's asked for ..."anything from Feane Cotton" or if you have a little less to go on select from "make up and hair", ect. The search function is responsive although it struggled to return any results for "Soap & Glory" however I spelled it, until I just tried Glory.

As you find gifts you can add them to you gift list, where it clear shows you the savings your making with the 3 for 2 promotions. Of course you can add a recipient, tick off a gift when it's been purchased too. Once your ready to purchase your gifts you can tap the "Lets buy it from" button and within the app it takes you to mobile site. Despite trying several times, I could not get my list to transfer across and subsequently wasn't able to shop on the go. Slightly disappointing.

The gift list is very clear, along with the savings if your buying into the 3 for 2 offer, be silly not too. I like the way the app lets you know how may points each item it worth too.

The look and feel of the app is very Christmasy and well thought out. There is more to unwrap though... See a lovely gift for the one you love whole out shopping this is the feature for you. The app will recognise all the offers in the Christmas mix and match 3 for 2 offer. Scan instore is a smart little feature to quickly add a gift to your list.

Finally the extra twinkle in the tree lights, your grandmas emergency chair or your mums forgotten condiment. This extra feature is the smoother than the best gravy, the video gift tag.
Pick up a special gift tag instore or get one free when you it. Scan the QR code on the tag and you can record a (short, 45 second) Christmas morning message to that special someone. On Christmas morning, the recipient uses their smart
phone to scan the QR code on the gift tag to reveal that extra smile. Once you have filmed your message it takes a while for it to appear in your my videos section. This is a magical idea, especially if your little sis is usually out of the country on skivation. The video gift tag, a great idea, one that gives this app longevity. I predict the big retailers stealing this idea, for next season.

Overall it's a polished app from Boots, simple to use and useable at the same time, lovely Christmas theme too. Would be great to share lists with loved ones for those secret santa ifamily's. If I found a perfect pressie, I'd like to be able to share that inspiration with someone, even just to stop me receiving socks again. Finally it's the sentiment that's nice to, give giggles, give wow, giving gifts that keep giving.

Right I'm off to put the sprouts on!

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