Friday, 22 June 2012

A green Apple every other day

Recent "test results" originally posted on concluded that "...It costs less to recharge a fully-drained Retina Display-toting iPad every other day for a year than it does to run a 60-watt compact fluorescent light bulb continuously over the same period, a new study finds.

According to a study from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), an independent non-profit organization focusing on electricity research and development, Apple's new iPad and devices like it could help lower the high power consumption seen as a result of the Information Age, reports the Associated Press."

I find this amazing, Apple takes a lot if stick on the blogosphere for its battery life on its iPhone, I personally think for all uses of the iPhone, in everyday life it stands up well against its competitors. And as this next extract reveals you do have to be patient when your down to just 2% battery life, surprisingly this little juice can go a long way. Check this out, originally posted on "The Two Percent Battery Test
Posted on 21 Jun 2012 by Thomas

The iPhone 4S definitely has a harder time lasting through a full day of use than my iPhone 3GS did. After a good 12 hours of standby and three hours of use, my 4S is usually down to about 20%, if not less.
This morning I found myself taking an hour-long subway ride with just 2% of my battery left (I may have forgotten to plug in overnight). I expected a dead device within ten minutes of stepping onto the train, but I decided to set the iPhone to Airplane Mode and turn brightness to minimum – just to see how long it could last. I started an album up, put my earphones on, and waited for the music to suddenly go dead. But, to my surprise, the 4S managed to last for over an hour with the screen and radios off, playing First Aid Kit’s “The Lion’s Roar” all the while. The 4S even managed to squeeze off two shots from within Camera+ before dropping to a blood-red 1% battery.
It’s no surprise that turning Airplande Mode on and turning the screen off saves battery life, but I was really surprised by how long the iPhone can function when all it’s focused on is pumping out tunes. Two percent ended up lasting over an hour, and yet I can regularly lose 10% or more on standby when I leave 3G on. But then there are times like today when battery life can really, really surprise you."

Apple gives us many options to help conserve our batteries and you know when the new iPhone is announced its battery life will be just as good if not better while no doubt supporting LTE 4G battery draining networks. And maybe NFC or a software smart alternative smart style e-wallet.


Anonymous said...

Biggerboat, promising start to your blog.


Nigel Camp said...

Unfairly I think Apple get a lot of slack, but everyone is going to expect a lot from the top product. I know my android (HTC Desire S) can barely make it through the day without recharging and I cant wait to make the switch over to the iphone 5 once released.