Sunday, 17 June 2012

WWDC 2012 - Maps

Apple Maps it out, or will be when iOS6 come out of beta, then it will have its turn by turn. So, on this the rumours were true. Scott Forstal
proudly announced that Apple has built from the ground up a new native
map app.

To be delivered as a free upgrade to all iPhone alliterations
(excluding the original iPhone.) Love the way Apple looks after the
older models phones still. This is great as my mum has a 3GS, although
she has a great sense of direction, which I do not, and so may not need it.

Turn by turn

Turn by turn navigation is a feature which has been a while in the
making, now it's been demoed we can be sure it will be stylish and
just work.

Turn by turn directions will, it has subsequently announced (quietly, in small print on the Apple website) be available to iphone4S and the new iPad (iPad3) only. Meaning if your device hasn't got the A5 chip you'll need to upgrade to enjoy these features, although I wouldn't upgrade yet, wait for the next iPhone.

So the all new map app, looks great, no surprise there, with the
intergration of Siri it should be outstanding. Currently it's not
clear weather Siri will be available to everyone or if it will remain
a premium feature of the iPhone 4S (Apple has announced Siri will be
available with iOS6 on the new iPad.)


3D mapping of big cities looks beautiful and will no doubt look even
more amazing on Apples unannounced new iPhone. Again flyover will only be available officially to owners of the latest generation idevices. Will this mean the end of stand alone sat navs or will all this data usage kill our data
plans, on one has mentioned offline maps have they (only Google, in an childish, unprepared attempt to take the shine off iOS6.)

Find out a little more about Maps

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Nigel Camp said...

Cant wait to see the new technology. Google maps on my Android has sent me in the wrong direction on several occasions. When I eventually get the next iphone it will be nice to see a nice change.