Monday, 6 August 2012

QUICK POST: Apple Stores Update

The Apple uniform is measured for each member of staff, nothing unusual in that, all companies want to portray a professional image with staff in correctly sized uniform. With Apple there's more to it, more detail. The apple logo on the T's are of course exactly in the middle horizontally. But did you know that as part of the measuring the Apple logo is set to be vertically aligned with the wearers heart. Which I believe quite inspiring, taking Apple to your heart. Apples area team visually audit the accuracy and consistency of this.

Previously the land yards, which are worn approximately 3 fingers or so above your heart contained the Apple credo which had to be carried at all times. Now the thinner land yards carry Apple business cards (black), so businesses can get calls back and a whole raft of unpressidented support, personal business cards (white) for retail staff and other items like the latests promotions like back to school app purchases.

The front of the lanyard displays the employees first name and underneath that the country logo, which also could be which languages they are fluent in?

Play tables

Each group of products are aligned by the lines on the table iPads on one line, MacBooks on another and magic mice on another. A naked iPhone is used to set all the MacBook screens to the now updated number of degrees to make viewing easier and the displays uniform via an app.

Life under Tim cook, is slightly more open, store staff are sent emails monthlyish on how things are going with thank you's. I am told that the business still misses the loss of Steve Jobs.

For product launches store staff are told approximately 24hrs before, they will be needed for a long shift. The excitement and atmosphere in store for such events would I am sure partly make up for this. It seems store staff learn about new launches and products refreshes from the keynotes, just like the rest of us do.

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