Sunday, 5 August 2012

QUICK POST: My first Apple Workshop

After downloading the Apple Store App, from iTunes I discovered that my local store, like all Apple stores, regularly run free workshops on everything Apple from iTunes surgeries to setting up your iPad or mac. Open the Apple store App, click on the stores tab at the centre bottom of the screen. Allow your location services or type in your location and let the App find your local stores. Click on the store you're interested in. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on "workshops and events" to see what's on offer. See something you might like tap, to see more info and tap the big blue make a reservation button, and boom your done.

With Olympic fever running rampant in the UK, this weeks workshops had a sporting feel. Arriving a little early outside the store my iPhone flashed up this message (see photo.) From the welcome screen you can choose to check in now, by doing this your name automatically appears on the concierges iPad. It's like being on the VIP list outside a club, you get get looked after and fast tracked.

Seated on a stool provided to me, while other customers stand I wait briefly for other work shoppers. The workshop starts in the centre of the store while business continues around us. Using an iPhone connected to a Mac cinema display. Informative and engaging it lashes around 30 mins and gives me ideas to try later and encouragement to keep coming back to the Apple store.

This engagement is what Apples about. It wasn't about getting a sale, it's about getting the most out of your Apple products, providing solutions and helping people be their best.

Unlike other retailers the sales is not the end of Apples customer interactions.

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