Friday, 3 August 2012

Waze - FREE

Launched in 2009, Waze is a user generated navigation app using turn by turn spoken word to guide you with a social twist. When it first became available in the UK you could earn points for mapping motorways, then A roads to improve your standings. Wazers, share info about traffic conditions to help improve the journey times of others. Users can message you if you allow, to alert you to cameras, potholes or traffic. The more you use it the higher your standing and the more achievements you gain. From a safety point of view it's not great to be fiddling while driving, so most features can be locked out or select passenger mode for full fun features.

Recently it appears Wazers and their crowd sourced data is being utilised by Apple for shall we call it "traffic improvements." Waze amongst others is credited, in Apples legal small print for the new native Maps app to be released soon.

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