Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Funding the new iPhone...

If your anything like me, and you might be, if your reading this. Interested in all things Apple? Following yesterday's announcement, in which Apple sent out invites for a special event to the select few, you might be thinking of selling you current iPhone 4/4S to help fund what we all hope will be the best iPhone ever.

There are plenty of ways to do it, too.
On the high street, you may find your network provider will give you a good price. For example, O2 recycle will take on the responsibility of safely and legally disposing of your old phone, so you doing have to. Giving your account a nice little lift in the process. If your staying with the same provider you may well sign a new contract with them too, which keeps your loyalty.

On the Wibbly Wobbly, there's plenty of options, some services giving good returns though not always in cash, sometimes gift cards for other retailers.

Most people now, don't renew their car insurance automatically and would shop around, one of the most convenient ways to do this is to enter your details online once, and let a website complete the searches for you.

It turns out recycling your mobile is no different, just search mobile recycling comparison, or try for starters. I would tend to avoid a firm a hadn't heard of or haven't seen an advert for.

Previously I have used Royal Mail's SimplyDrop. I chose them because not only was the price great, they offered cash and have bricks and mortar branches. Heres how it works with them...

1. Find your old mobile phone online,
Search for your old mobile phone by using the search box, or clicking on the logo of your phone brand. Select your device, and its condition, choose your preferred payment method, then enter your contact details.

2. Send your phone with Freepost (not recommended for higher value devices)
They post you a Sales Pack which includes a Freepost bag and posting instructions (recommend you always obtain at least proof of postage for all sendings)

3. Receive your payment once SimplyDrop have tested and validated that your mobile phone meets the T's & C's. I chose to Receive a text message on my (functioning) mobile phone confirming my order. I Simply took my phone to my local Post Office, showed the clerk the message and received my cash payment, which funded my next iPhone! (You will be required to show photo ID and current proof of address.)
From memory I think it took around a week or so, from them receiving my old phone to me receiving my notes.

Of course there are plenty of mobile recycling services out there, just choose the one that's right for you.

It might sound obvious, but it still needs to be said. Before you part with your well loved gadget and drop it in any envelope:

1. Back up EVERYTHING on your Mac, PC and/or the cloud(s)

2. Remove and/or delete all personal data. This includes personal information, contacts, images, videos, music files, text messages, emails, apps and notes.

3. Remove any sim cards or memory cards. Remove the PIN entry, if you have one. Restore your phone to factory settings and check for any remaining personal information.

4. Charge your phone fully (as it will be subjected to testing before cash and the like is forthcoming.)

Do the right thing for the environment, rejoice in some additional funds to spend on new shiny things and avoid that man drawer full of yesterdays gadgets gathering dust!

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