Sunday, 2 September 2012

The diary of a 2012 Summer Camper day 3

Today, Saturday, The Apple store opens at 9, on a Saturday, really, Summer Camp, it's a big commitment for your children and even more so for the parents, who want desperately to see their prodigy succeed.

Arriving before the store opens, it's the only time you would expect to see the Apple store completely empty. With in a few minutes the doors open and were are greeted "Campers are you ready?" Lines of staff either side of us whoop and cheer are we bundle in, it's reminds me of a new iPhone launch. By the way, it's got to be due soon, speculated to be announced on September the 12th.

But today's not about that, it's all about celebrating how creative the campers have been. Having fun sharing their shorts, film festival style. After some introductions, the big cinema display heralds each camper and they are invited up the the front were the film genius coaxes them to talk about and introduce their own film. What's lovely about your child's moment in the spotlight is, even if they are quietly spoken or not very confident the presenter relays the story to the audience without patronising them. The little person, then starts their film by pressing the space bar. The film closes to rapturous applause and the presenter saying what they liked about the film.
After leaving camp, I asked my 9 year old wether they enjoyed the experience. "maybe we could do this again next year?" was the response, I'll take that as a yes, then. Later walking back to the car he pipes "wouldn't it be great if they gave us an iPad at the end". Yes awesome, I reply. I have a feeling iPad might be in father Christmas' wish list this year.


Nigel Camp said...

Very cool video. I can see that a lot of time was put into it which shows. I'll be on the lookout for any future vids that you make.

Elizabeth Banks said...

Amazing video. I especially liked the lime green alien causing havoc! I look forward to the sequel